Welcome to Mount Erin Boarding, which has a proud tradition stretching back to 1890 when it was founded by the Presentation Sisters, who educated and cared for countless generations of young people here. In the 21st Century, Mount Erin (MEBS) is expertly staffed by the Head of Boarding, a Boys’ Coordinator for Rice House, a Girls’ Coordinator for Nagle House, and a team of experienced Boarding Staff.


Boarding at Mount Erin offers our boarding students a unique opportunity for personal, social, educational, and spiritual growth and development that extends far beyond school days.


Mount Erin offers an outstanding and unique boarding experience. Its location, close to the CBD of the Cathedral City of Wagga Wagga, not only supports and assists with an unequaled opportunity to learn but also affords boarders access to a wide range of opportunities and activities not generally available elsewhere in the Riverina region and surrounds.


Students reside either in the Girls’ Boarding House (Nagle House) or in the Boys’ Boarding House (Rice House) on a weekly basis, providing the opportunity to attend either Kildare or Mater Dei Catholic Colleges, while they live away from home. Boarding adds a wonderful layer to the culture of each College consisting of a number of variables that contribute to this – including the boarders’ high participation rates in the sport, music, and community service programs, their close bonds with each other, and their structured study program. Boarders on the whole exhibit a sense of independence, confidence, and assertiveness. Boarding Captains are members of the College SRC as members of the student leaders.


Our Boarding Staff is focused on providing a very positive experience for your daughters and sons in a nurturing and enriching environment where students’ academic, co-curricular, and pastoral needs are carefully monitored and catered for. Mount Erin builds on the work of the Colleges in maximizing students’ educational opportunities. We value working with parents and carers to provide a supportive foundation for our boarders to grow into positive, worthwhile, well-balanced, and mature young people.


I wish you and your child a very fulfilling boarding experience at Mount Erin, one which they will cherish well beyond their school years.


MEBS – A Legacy of Excellence Since 1890